Textbooks – Class Checkout

VSS teachers,
It is now very easy for you to sign into our Library system and check textbooks IN from your students, or OUT to your students, by just clicking on their pictures and scanning or typing the VSS barcode in the inside back cover. I have extra scanners to lend for this purpose.

1. Log In at https://sd22.insigniails.com/ILS/ with your email name (ex. mbendall) and password (if you’re already signed in to any MS Office 365 App, in a different tab, you probably won’t even be asked for your credentials).

2. At the end of the Semester (or any time), to sign books IN:
a. click the Green Left Arrow icon, or click Circulation>Check In
b. scan, or type, the book’s barcode
c. you can check who it was Out to by looking at the top line of your IN list

3. At the start of a Semester (or any time), to sign texts OUT:
a. under the Textbooks (#1) tab, select the Class Checkout (#2) option
b. use the pull down menu to select your name (#3)
c. then select the particular class (#4) that you’d like to work with [You would expect them to be in the order: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D1, D2, but sometimes the two A’s (for example) are reversed. The Period/Block does help identify the class but it doesn’t tell which Semester it’s in, so don’t select it first as it will show you both matches as one class.]
d. click on a student’s name/photo (#5), and
e. scan or type the textbook’s barcode (#6), repeat for any more books for that student

f. you will see that students who have overdue items have red text. Please scowl at them.
g. repeat for all of your other students

Many of our teachers have used this, this school year and last, and found it very helpful both for Semester changeover times and for textbook circulation in the middle of a Semester.

If you have any questions, or would like me to help you get set up, please don’t hesitate to ask,

Mark Bendall
Vernon Secondary School