Elementary Program

Elementary Program (K-7)

  • Parents and teachers work together to personalize your child’s learning;
  • Resources are supplied by vLearn;
  • Individual learning plan flexible;
  • Following, fulfilling, and adapting the BC Curriculum to fit your child’s learning needs;
  • PE, Art, and Music are available at vLearn weekly;
  • Regularly scheduled Extra-curricular activities such as ski program at Silver Star, Art Center, Davison Orchards, and Planet Bee are provided;
  • Grade 7 education program in completely on-line with access to all field-trips and weekly PE, Music, and Art;
  • On-line resources are used to promote communication and collaboration.

Contact vLearn today to find out more information and discuss your child’s educational options.

Phone: 250-542-0249  Email: vlearn@sd22.bc.ca