vLearn Makes Any Place A Great Place To Learn
vLearn provides comprehensive K-12 education program including provincial and locally developed educational programs in the Humanities, Mathematics/Sciences, Physical Education, and Fine Arts.
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Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission

To personalize an experience for students to learn at their own pace and in their own space, supported by a learning plan that is crafted to meet their individual needs.

vLearn has been delivering online courses to students across British Columbia for close to 2 decades. Staff at vLearn are trained in online teaching practices in addition to their expertise in their chosen curricular areas. Our specialized team works hard to personalize the student's educational journey.

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News and Announcements

News & Announcements

Covid Exposure Information Nov 2020 Covid Exposure Video...

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Board of Education


Register Information vLearn offers a comprehensive full time home based learning program as well as more...
Student Code of Conduct – Alternate Programs Learning Centre Revised – Dec. 07, 2016 more...
Programs and Services

Programs & Services

VLearn Personalized Education Learning Commons...
GRADES 8-9 The typical grade 8 or 9 student will complete a program that more...
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