Suspension Learning Assignment

​Suspension Learning Assignment

Read the following information and complete the quiz and all assignments. If you need help with your research refer to the “Help Info” section. Your suspension is not complete until you have finished this package.

You have been suspended for the use, possession, or association with drugs or alcohol while under the jurisdiction of your school. This is a violation of School District No.22 (Vernon) Substance Abuse policy. As part of your suspension, you must complete the following assignments. Your suspension is not complete until you have finished this package.

This learning package consists of four sections.

Information The first section provides fact-based information on a wide variety of abused substances. Please read this section carefully.
Quiz – Substance Abuse The second section is a substance abuse screening quiz. This quiz is for your information. It will help you to determine if you have a need for further consultation or help.
Assignments The third section has three assignments for you to complete. They must be typed or neatly written, with correct grammar and punctuation and a simple bibliography must also be included. (See link for examples).
Help The fourth section is a directory of places to get more information or help with substance abuse.


The final step in this process is to have your parent(s) or guardian read and sign your completed assignment.

Please take the time to thoroughly review each section.

©2014 Mr. Doug Rogers- Substance Abuse Counsellor (SD 22 – Vernon)