SLA Assignment

Your Assignment
All 3 parts must be completed before you return from your suspension.  Please have your parent/guardian read and sign your completed assignment.

Part 1
In 300 words (approximately one-and-a half pages typewritten – double spaced or neatly written) answer the following questions. Describe the incident that led to your suspension. What is the policy in School District No.22 regarding drug and alcohol use? Explain how you could have made different choices in your actions.Outline the possible consequences of your involvement with alcohol/drug abuse.Briefly describe your academic and behavioral goals (please list two for each) for the remainder of this school year and the steps you will take to reach those goals.How will you avoid problems with substance abuse in the future?

Part 2
Drug Education Project Assignment  Complete one of the following project options to partially fulfill the requirement of your suspension. Papers are to be typed or neatly written. References/bibliography of materials used, including websites are to be included. Papers are to be 3-5 pages in length.

Project Options (pick one only):

Question 1: Organizations: Note: This question has two (2) parts. The answers for these questions must be well researched and written in full sentences. Approximately one typed page for EACH PART is expected.Using your computer, research ONE of the following organizations and answer the accompanying questions.A:  Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Alateen, Al Anon How did the organization begin? Discuss the history of it.What are the 12 steps? What do they do at their meetings, what are the exact procedures of each meeting?Where and when are meetings held in Vernon/Lumby?  B: Famous people.   Name one actor and one musician whose life was affected by drug or alcohol abuse.How old were they when they started abusing drugs?  How long did their addiction last?What was the outcome of their drug abuse? What is their life like now if they are still alive?What does the public think of this person now?

Question 2 : Careers affected by substance abuse – one full page answer expected for each career (three pages total):Choose three (3) adult careers (examples: doctor, teacher, lawyer, athlete)….research the two careers you selected.How could the work of these people be affected by substance abuse?What actions are taken if the person is charged with abusing drugs or alcohol?If the person is not charged with a criminal offense, how will their careers be affected?How would the families of these people be affected?

Question 3: Watch the movie ‘The Basketball Diaries’ (NOTE: Movie is rated 14A, with some graphic scenes and vulgar language) and complete the following questions. Your answers must be thorough and in complete sentences. Main Characters: Jimmy (Leonardo diCaprio), Pedro (small boy with hat), Mickey (stock boy), Neutron (basketball friend). At the beginning of the movie, list three areas in Jim’s life that were functioning well and describe why you think that they were functioning well (ie. Education, outside interest, relationships, etc). Be specific. List three areas that are functioning well in your life. How will you protect them? To illustrate how the boys’ drug use progressed, put the following drugs in the order that they were used in the movie: heroin, alcohol, cocaine, pills, solvents. List and describe 4 ‘signs’ or behaviours that you noticed in the movie that indicated Jimmy’s drug use was becoming a problem. What was Jimmy’s mothers experience of her son’s drug use? How did she feel? How do you think your parents feel about your current level of drug and alcohol use? List and describe four significant things Jimmy lost in his life before he stopped using drugs. What happened to Neutron? Why did his life turn out differently?

Question 4: Plan a drug education lesson (outline format ok) (50 minutes in length). Describe your target audience (grade level). Write at least three behavioral objectives for this lesson (In other words, what will the learners learn/ get out of the lesson when they are done hearing it?). Explain the content, describe the methods and learning activities you would use, identify resources needed for this lesson plan, and tell how you would evaluate the lesson’s effectiveness on the audience (how will you know they learned anything?)

Question 5: Read five current popular mainstream or alternative magazines (fitness magazines, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, etc), and write a description of how the ads try to get you to use their product. You should use a variety of drug use ads from alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco products, over the counter (OTC) drugs, prescription drugs, or illicit drugs. You must also include a photocopy (or original) of each ad that you are writing about. Include in your writeup of each ad a summary of the ad’s underlying message. Include a reference/bibliography of your sources.

Question 6:Interview at least two people (not yourself) who are heavy tobacco smokers (one pack or more a day). Develop a profile of their smoking habits, when they typically smoke, for how long, how it affects them, why they do smoke, comments made by family or friends about the smoker’s habit. Has the smoker tried to quit? What did they do to quit but why are they still smoking again? How would you then suggest a way to get them to quit smoking if the smoker has a desire or readiness to quit the habit? What was your impression on the interviews you conducted?

Part 3
The Substance Abuse Identification Guide.
Choose any 3 of the substances described in the information section. For each of the descriptions, you have chosen write a 3-4 sentence paragraph outlining your understanding of the substance (please include as much information as possible from the descriptions given). One of the descriptions must include the substance for which you were suspended.