Dress Code

At Silver Star, clothing and appearance need to be appropriate for school, which is our working and learning environment. Hats and other headwear will be removed at the door. This does not apply to religious or cultural headwear. Clothing with offensive, violent, suggestive, or negative words or pictures, rude sayings or slogans, as well as any clothing or jewelry that promotes alcohol, drugs, tobacco or violence, and/or which distracts students from learning, or is unsafe, is not appropriate. Summer wear such as halter-tops, tube tops, spaghetti strap shirts,  “muscle shirts” or other “beach” clothing is not appropriate for general school wear. Tops should go to the waist, and skirts, shorts, and necklines need to be appropriate.  Bare midriff and/or underwear should not be showing. These guidelines apply to all school functions and events. We would appreciate your cooperation, support, and understanding of these guidelines.