Staff Directory

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​Name ​Position ​E-mail Website
​Adams, Kelsie ​Teacher
​Alicot, Veronique Noon Hour Supervisor ​
​Amoua, Michel ​Teacher
Armstrong, Maureen Noon Hour Supervisor
Bentefrit, Soumia ​Teacher
Bertles, Julie Teacher
​Bibby, Kelly ​Teacher
Bloomfield, Brendan Teacher
Bouvier, Gerard ​Teacher
Boyd, Paul Teacher
​Brown, Elizabeth ​​Vice Principal
​Brumpton, Kelly​ Education Assistant ​​
Budd, Kailee Indigenous Support Worker
​Carr, James ​Teacher
​Challen, Simon ​Teacher
​Colclough, Chris ​​Counsellor (A-L)
Comrie, Judy ELL Teacher
​Coogan-Penner, Robin ​Teacher
​Cowan, Stephanie Indigenous Support Worker​
​Culic, Michelle ​Education Assistant
Davies, Marlene Clerical
​Fiala, Yvonne ​Teacher
Freeman-Marsh, Spencer Teacher
Gendall, Detina Custodian
​Grace, Mike ​Principal
​Haberstock, Jodie ​Teacher
Halvorsen, Damien Teacher
Harvey, Wendy Clerical
Howard, Craig ​Teacher
​Jackson, Carol ​Clerical
​Johaneson, Darin ​Teacher Website
​Jorgensen, Melanie District ​Career Programs Coordinator
​Kadach, Marvin ​Teacher Website
Kersey, Jade Teacher
​Knopf, Wayne ​Teacher
​Laboucane, Lisa ​Teacher
Lafontaine, Dave District Principal, Indigenous Education
​Larson, Cassandra ​Teacher
Lau, Charlene Counsellor (M-Z)
Lavallee, Kyla Indigenous Support Worker
​Lee, Monica ​​Clerical Library
​Lee, Nathan ​Teacher
Lee, Rollen Teacher
Letourneau, Marisol Teacher ​​
Lochhead, Jesse Teacher
​Louis, Bernadette ​Educational Assistant
Mace, Kayleigh Teacher
​MacKay, Amanda ​Teacher
Mackenzie, Leslie Education Assistant
​Mawhinney, Julia ​Teacher
​McTavish, Lauri ​Teacher Website
Messner, Amy Teacher  
​Mitchell, Erin ​Education Assistant
​Mitchell, Miranda ​Teacher
Monro, Leanda Teacher
Moore, Nicole Teacher
Morgan, Heather Education Assistant
​Mowat, Janice ​Education Assistant
​Munro, Matt ​Teacher
​Nahachewsky, Kalon ​Teacher
​O’Brien, Lana ​Teacher
O’Keefe, Jeff Teacher Website
Ovington, Melaina ​Teacher
​Paas, Jason ​Teacher
​Perron, Jimmy ​Teacher
Porter, Tannis Teacher​
Prohoroff, Sasha Teacher
Raymond-Glasser, ​Cynthia ​Teacher
​Reid, Ryan ​Teacher
​Rogers, Doug ​Teacher
​Ross, Kara ​Teacher
Sallenbach, Baylee Teacher
​Schmidt, Mark Custodian
​Seabourne, Chris ​Teacher
​Sharp, Stacy Teacher
​Smuin, Makayla ​Teacher
​Thomas, Ellen ​Teacher
Trenaman, Shelby Teacher
Trumpower, Melanie Teacher
Vance-Collins, Shannon Custodian
Walters, Lynnelle Indigenous Outreach Worker
​Welsh, Pat ​Education Assistant
​Winter, Fabienne ​Education Assistant​
​White, Nicole ​Teacher
White, Tris Teacher
Whitney, Tasha Teacher  
​Yapps, Kevin ​Teacher ​ Website