Aboriginal Education

The goal of Seaton’s Aboriginal Program is to have every learner  Graduate, crossing the stage with purpose, dignity, and options.
At W.L. Seaton we recognize that we are on the traditional lands of the Okanagan N’Kamuplx  People.  The Aboriginal program at Seaton provides academic, cultural, social, and emotional support to Aboriginal students from at least 15 different nations.

The Welcome Room provides a space for Aboriginal students to study, socialize, eat, obtain school supplies, learn about cultural events, and connect with community programs.  Two Aboriginal support workers and a Lead Aboriginal teacher support students to be successful in the classroom.  An after school tutoring program provides help with academic studies. We also support our junior students with an Aboriginal Math Support block which offers students the opportunity to improve their basic math skills. Our First Nations Academy program is built on the
First Peoples Principles of Learning, the academy features Social Studies, Physical Education and Aboriginal Leadership connections.  The program is taught in a cross-curricular manner and students are engaged in hands-on, experiential learning in the classroom, in the community, and on the land.  Throughout the semester, students interact with and learn from community members , post-secondary educators, and Elders.  The program is open to Grades 10-12 students.

W.L. Seaton offers  Okanagan Nsalxcin Language classes at the grade 8 and grade 11 level.

Aboriginal student leaders have been instrumental in the past in planning and participating in cultural events, and in bringing  Aboriginal programs such as the Okanagan Language classes and First Nations Academy to Seaton.


​Lead Teacher Secondary Lori Phillip ​​
Aboriginal Support Worker Kari Hepting
​Aboriginal Support Worker Kathleen Huggan
​Aboriginal Support Worker Bernedette Louis

Aboriginal Academy Experiences:

School District No. 22 (Vernon) Aboriginal Education Department