27th St Theatre


SEEDS OF HOPE:  A Story of Ukrainian Internment in Canada

STREAMING – Feb 12-14. @ ticketseller.ca

The students of W.L. Seaton’s 27th Street Theatre Company, under the direction of Lana O’Brien, have created an original and stunning new show which tells some of the stories around Canada’s prison camps during the First World War and beyond.  After weeks of research, the show focuses on local stories while also delving into stories from across Canada in its telling of this little known history of our region, and country.

The show examines this period of time (1914-1920) from three points of view: those imprisoned, those responsible for the camps from local authorities to the Canadian government, and the citizens of Vernon and their varying points of view.

Due to COVID-19, the 27th Street Theatre, like all theatres around the world, have had to close their doors to the public.  This show was professionally filmed and edited by Sproing Creative, and is a beautiful way to watch our live theatre presentation from the comfort of your living room.  We ask that you give as generously as you are able so that our theatre company can continue to create professional quality theatre to share with our audiences once the pandemic has passed.