Next PAC Meeting

Date: September 18, 2023
Time: 6:30 pm
Where: Learning Commons (Library)

W.L Seaton Parent Advisory Council– PAC

Welcome parents, guardians, and students. I would like to thank you for taking your time to read up on what PAC can do to support you and all students through their years at W.L. Seaton High School.

What is PAC?

The BC Schools Act ensures that parents have the right to be part of a school parent advisory council to advise the board, principal, and school staff on any matter relating to the school.


All parents/guardians of school students are members of the PAC who are, not only entitled to, but encouraged to, attend monthly PAC meetings. School administrators and staff attend each PAC meeting providing us with school information; however, these participants are non-voting members.

Executive Membership

The PAC executive contains the role of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. These are parent volunteers who are asked to provide a commitment to attending each meeting, one hour per month. The role of the PAC meetings is an easy way to find out what is going on at Seaton.  You will hear regular reports from the Principal and PAC executive members, have an opportunity to ask questions, provide input and gain a greater understanding of what goes on at the school on a daily basis.

There Is No Fundraising!

BC school PACs apply and receive grant funding from the Provincial government each year.  It is the responsibility of the PAC to administer these funds based on the requests made by teachers and administration.  Each year Seaton PAC contributes approximately $18,000 to the support of programs within our school.  You will be involved in deciding how to spend this money each year to best enhance student extracurricular activities.

Participate with PAC

We have a one hour meeting every 3 weeks from 6pm-7pm. Even though last year was the first time that the PAC was not able to physically meet; W.L. Seaton provided us with Zoom, allowing us to carry on with our goals to support our students in such a rare environment. This year we are back to meeting in person, each month, at the school! But don’t worry; if you are uncomfortable in attending the meetings in person, we will continue to host it via Zoom. Access to each meeting will be posted on the W.L. Seaton website PAC page, Facebook page and Instagram page.

We Want To Hear From You!

As the W.L. Seaton PAC President and Treasurer, we want to hear from you! We encourage you to email us at and we will respond to you with in a day. We would also love people to join our executive team. Each commitment is only a year long, so if its not for you, next year you don’t have to run again. If you want to ask questions, raise issues that you have or comments on how we can achieve our goals; please come to our monthly meetings. Our first meeting this year is September 18, 2023. Come, interduce yourself and see a different way that you can promote the student’s education.

Please follow our PAC at

Laura Duclos – W.L. Seaton PAC President

Nichole Roth  – W.L. Seaton PAC Vice President

Renee Laaja – W.L. Seaton PAC Secretary

Dannielle Smith – W.L. Seaton PAC Treasurer

Carolyn O’Connor – District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC)

Camillia Courts – W.L. Seaton Member at Large