Student Learning & Curriculum

Student learning is our highest priority. We strive in SD22 to create inclusive and equitable environments for all students to feel safe and supported in order for each child to grow and find success.  Our school district is committed to providing engaging personalized learning opportunities for all of our students.

Click on the BC Curriculum to learn more about the approach to teaching and learning in SD22 and throughout BC.


Student reporting is the assessment and communication of student learning. The goal of communicating student learning (CSL) is to ensure that:

  • students take part in meaningful conversations that help them develop responsibility for engaging deeply with their learning
  • parents and caregivers are well informed, are involved in decisions and dialogue about their child’s learning, and understand ways to support and further their child’s learning

In September 2023, the BC Ministry of Education and Child Care introduced a new K – 12 Student Report Policy.

Learn more about the changes to student reporting by reviewing the K-12 Student Reporting Policy Information for Families, downloading the brochure for families (PDF), or by reading the SD22 Parent Guides below.