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January 18, 2023

RCMP Youth Academy 

On December 1, Industry Training Authority (ITA) transitioned to a new organizational name, SkilledTradesBC, along with a new mandate. While our role in advancing B.C.’s skilled trades system hasn’t changed, it has expanded. For more information please see Skilled Trades BC.

Changes to Employment Standards January 1, 2023

Clarification of Changes to Employment Standards
The Ministry of Labour recently amended the Employment Standards Regulation identifying age restrictions and hazardous work. The amendments come into force on January 1, 2023. School and school district staff are advised that under Section 32(1)(b) of the Regulation, students in a secondary school work study, work experience or occupational study class are exempt from these provisions, as are trainees or apprentices registered with the SkilledTradesBC (previously the Industry Training Authority of British Columbia).


Skilled Trades BC Youth Award Winners 2021-2022