Student Support Services

Student Support Services Vision Statement:

Special education programs and services enable students with special needs to have equitable access to learning and opportunities to pursue and achieve the goals of their educational program.

Student Support Services – Beliefs:
We believe all students, regardless of their intellectual, social and emotional abilities and capacities are valued members of the school community.

We believe an individual’s educational program should be based on strengths and needs rather than labels or funding categories.

We believe the ‘principles of learning’ apply to students with special needs as well as regular education students:

  •   Learning requires the active participation of the learner.
  •   People learn in a variety of ways and at different rates.
  •   Learning is both an individual and a social process.

We believe a problem solving process is the most effective method to coordinate services for students.

Student Support Services – Mandate

  • To provide assessment and program support for students identified with individual special needs.
  • To ensure that the criteria and documentation requirements are in place to identify students with special needs.
  • To implement a district vision and set of beliefs for Student Support Services that supports meeting the range of student needs in the classroom and improves student achievement and social/emotional well being for all students.
  • To coordinate and liaison programming goals with community services for students with special needs.
  • To enhance the skill level of special education, regular teachers and support staff to enable them to meet individual needs and support the wide range of students in regular classroom settings and specialized programs.

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