Appeal Process

Appeal Process

At School District 22, we believe in working together to support our children. With input from parents, students, staff and community members, the district has developed guidelines intended to help prevent and/or resolve conflict.

The Board recognizes that from time to time concerns regarding the operation of the School District will arise. The Board further believes that constructive criticism can assist in improving the quality of the School District’s educational programs and in meeting individual student needs more effectively. The Board also places trust in its employees and desires to support their actions in a manner that frees them from unnecessary or unwarranted criticism and complaints.

The Board, consistent with its broad policy-making role, believes it should deal with complaints concerning specific schools, personnel, programs, or procedures in a fair and judicious manner only after the usual channels have been exhausted.

Under Section 11 of the School Act, parents and students have the right to appeal decisions made by Board employees that “significantly affect the education, health or safety of a student.”  If you wish to file an appeal through this process, please complete a Notice of Appeals form.

An amendment to the School Act introduced in the spring of 2007 allows parents or students to appeal a decision of a Board of Education made under Section 11 to a Provincial Superintendent of Appeals.

For more information, please see our policy on Complaints Concerning Personnel, Programs or Procedures and an information brochure “How to Resolve Concerns, A Guide for Students and Parents/Guardians.”