School Expectations


All Settings

In all settings, students will follow directions, keep hands/feet/objects to self, and report all unsafe behaviours.


Students will walk and move quietly on the right side of the hallways. During announcements, students will stop and listen to announcements.

Before School

In the morning, upon arrival students will either keep their back pack with them or place their back pack in an area designated by their teacher.  They are expected to stay outside until the bell rings.  When the bell rings the students will line up and their teachers will bring them into the building.  Outside footwear and hats will be removed upon entering the school.

a)    Students are asked to remain outside in the morning until the 8:25 warning bell rings.

b)    We discourage parents from dropping their children off before 7:45 a.m. as there is no supervision before that time.

c)    During extreme weather conditions Administration or the Teacher in Charge will make a decision about whether it is an inside day.  Students should always come to school dressed appropriately for the weather.

d)    Sports team members are to go directly to the gym for their morning practice.

e)    Teachers can arrange to meet specific students and directly supervise them in their classroom for homework or extra support.


All students are expected to go outside for recess. Teacher’s direct permission is needed to stay in the classroom for that recess. Students staying in must have clearly written permission from their teacher for the supervising staff members to see. Students will line up outside at the end of recess to be brought back into the building by their teacher. Outside footwear and hats will be removed upon entering the school.

Lunch Hour

Students will play first, then eat.  At the 12:05 pm bell, students will go outside to play. At the 12:32 pm bell, students will return to classes to eat. Afternoon instruction begins at 12:54. Students staying in over the lunch break must have clearly written permission from their teacher for the supervising staff members to see. Students may not leave the playground without permission. Students will line up outside at the end of lunch hour to be brought back into the building by the lunch hour supervisors. Outside footwear and hats will be removed upon entering the school.

Washroom and Water

a)    Before school and during breaks and with permission from a supervisor, students can use the washroom or get a drink of water at the front entrance of the school.

After School

Students will leave the school promptly unless they are involved in a supervised activity or have the permission of their teacher to remain in the classroom or on the school grounds. Students are to go outside and remain outside if they are waiting for a bus or their ride, unless there are extreme weather conditions and students have been given permission to stay inside at the front entrance of the school.

Poor Weather

An inside day may be selected during extreme weather conditions. This decision will be made by the Administrator or Teacher in Charge. A sign will be posted on the front door of the school indicating that it is an inside day.  Students are expected to dress appropriately for being outside during all weather conditions.

Other Items

Students are not to bring to school items that create a mess. Examples include gum, sunflower seeds, dried noodles, or liquid ‘whiteout’. Games or activities resulting in recurring problems between students (e.g. trading cards) are not appropriate and students will be expected to leave such games or items at home.

Okanagan Landing Elementary School Dress Code

The staff of Okanagan Landing Elementary School appreciates your support with regards to the “School Dress Code”. The “Dress Code” applies to all students and staff of the school. At Okanagan Landing Elementary, clothing and appearance needs to be appropriate for school, which is our working and learning environment. Please discuss the following guidelines with your children and perhaps review the dress code a few times during the year as the weather changes.

Students, staff and parents are expected to support a safe and inclusive learning environment where clothing is appropriate and not distracting or offensive to others. Clothing worn at school or at school activities should be appropriate for the weather, allow freedom of movement and not contain inappropriate printing or pictures.

Inappropriate messages are those that promote alcohol, cigarettes, violence, drugs or contain sexual innuendoes, unsuitable language or racial slurs.

Clothing needs to be suitable for the learning environment – skimpy tops, low riding pants or short t-shirts that bare the abdomen, chest, back or underwear are not appropriate. Shorts must be an appropriate length.  Students who wear clothing that is considered to be inappropriate will be asked to change or cover up.

Hats and other headwear will be removed at the door. This does not apply to religious or cultural headwear.  Outdoor shoes should be removed at the door and indoor shoes should be worn inside the school.

Dress code will be expected from all regardless of gender, age or size.

While we recognize the rights of parents and children to express themselves through their clothing, we must reserve the right to have the final say regarding the appropriateness of any clothing worn to school. Thank you for your co-operation in working with the staff to support a positive and safe learning environment for all Okanagan Landing Elementary School students.


The school will treat seriously behavior or communication that discriminates based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex or sexual orientation (prohibited grounds set out in the BC Human Rights Code).


Students will wait for their buses in a safe manner, lined up in the appropriate area, and will follow the instructions of the supervisors. School buses are considered to be part of our school, just like a classroom, and bus drivers and supervisors are members of our school staff. Inappropriate behaviour on the bus, or while getting on or off the bus and at bus stops may result in not being able to ride the bus.

Personal Electronic Devices (e.g. cell phones, iPods, tablets)

We recognize the use of cell phones and personal devices as a common way of communication these days, however, we feel students at OK Landing have adequate access to the office phones when they need it so we encourage that cell phones and personal devices remain at home. Students that bring technology to school need to make sure that it is powered off and stored in their backpacks while on school property. Students are not permitted to take pictures with cameras or cell phones at school. The school will not be liable for lost or damaged electronic devices.

*Students must have a pass from a teacher or the office in order to use the phone. Arrangements to go to a friend’s after school must be pre-arranged at home with parents.

Playground Expectations:

1.      Students are to take pride in OK Landing and show respect for the property by not littering or vandalizing. Weekly “clean-up crews” will be assigned by grade groups.

2.      Students will follow the instructions of all supervising adults.

3.      Rough play is not allowed. Games involving tackling or wrestling are not permitted.

4.      Students will stay within designated play areas. Students will not play in the parking lot, in the bicycle rack areas, on the banks behind the school, or off of school grounds. Students will not climb trees located on or near the grounds.

5.      Students are expected to show respect for others. This includes taking turns, sharing, and inviting others to join in. Bullying, Intimidation, Fighting, Racial Slurs, Gender Slurs, Cruel Teasing (Taunting), Aggressive Play, Swearing and Overt Defiance are not acceptable behaviours at OK Landing School.

6.      Students will take turns on equipment and use the designated fields.

7.      Students will leave dangerous objects on the ground alone and report them to a supervisor or the office.

8.      Students will leave unsafe objects at home (toy guns, weapons, knives, hard balls, etc.)

9.      Throwing snowballs and “face washing” are not permitted.

10.    Chewing gum is not allowed on school grounds or anywhere in the school.

11.    Students are to end their activities and line up to wait for their teachers/supervisors when

the bell rings.

12.    Students will use crosswalks when crossing streets or using the parking lot.

13.    Students within walking distance are to leave the school grounds immediately after dismissal.

14.     During school hours, students will not leave the school or playground for any reason without direct permission, or unless they have a note signed by their parent/guardian.

15.     Students must check in at the office when leaving early or arriving late.

16.    If a ball goes out of the school grounds, students will notify a supervisor/teacher.

17.    All students riding bicycles, scooters, and skateboards, etc. to and from school must wear a helmet.

18.    Scooters, skateboards, and bicycles will be walked on school grounds from the roads surrounding the school to the bike racks.  “Walk your wheels” on the school grounds.