School Plan

Our 'Spirals of Inquiry'

Spirals of Inquiry image

1. Checking

How do our students feel about coming to school?

Were our school goals successful last year?

What new challenges are we seeing this year?

2. Scanning

Literacy Growth at Mission Hill

FSA Results from Mission Hill (Grade 4 & 7)

Results from the Student Learning Survey

3. Focusing

What do we learn from our academic data?

What can we learn from the results of our student learning survey?

Are there any areas of concern with social responsibility and self-regulation found in the data?

4. Developing a Hunch

Ideas to Promote Literacy Growth

Personalized learning opportunities

5. Learning

Literacy Learning at Mission Hill

Opportunities for Teacher Learning/Collaboration at Mission Hill

New Resources for Indigenous Learning and Instruction

6. Taking Action

Literacy Support in Action

Social Responsibility and Self-Regulation Instruction at Mission Hill