MARIJUANA contains two of the most powerful carcinogens (cancer-causing substances known to man). Marijuana is the most underestimated dangerous street drug used today. The so-called high from marijuana is not a high at all. Marijuana doesn’t create a delight, it dulls emotions. THC is the main ingredient in marijuana. High levels of THC are turning up in new, high potency forms of pot. Only a while ago, the majority of marijuana sold averaged about 1 or 2 percent of the drug, which was plenty. Today, you find pot with a THC content of 7 or even 10 percent. Moreover, marijuana stays in the body up to 28 days after use.

Short Term
Increases heart rate; changes sex drive; lowers blood pressure; slows reaction time; distorts perception of reality; impairs vision and concentration; impairs decision making, and short-term memory.

Long Term

Increases risk for lung cancer; increases risk for heart and lung damage; psychological dependence occurs with the use of the drug; immune system impairment; decreased sperm count; may increase the risk of permanent brain damage.

Bodily Effects of Cannabis

  • Lack of motivation and decreased work performance
  • Loss of short term memory
  • Mood changes/ outbursts of anger
  • Depression and decreased concentration span
  • A change in behavior/blank stares
  • Carefree about physical appearance
  • Loss of weight and sleepiness
  • Red eyes and fatigue​​