Kidston Gardens

We are so fortunate to have an amazing Outdoor Learning Committee at Kidston. Recently this committee added rock seating for the students to enjoy as they learn outdoors!  The outdoor learning classroom is almost complete.  Please CLICK HERE to visit the Discovery Gardens website!

This year we were fortunate to receive a $3000 grant from Farm to Cafeteria Canada to support our garden initiatives and to support Dawn Guenette  “Gramma D.” in her mentorship role at Kidston.  Please CLICK HERE to see our final report for the grant funds received!

Whole Kids foundation

This September we received another grant from the Whole Kids Foundation to support the work Ms. OBrien is doing mentoring staff in the garden and to support the work Dawn (Gramma D.) is doing inthe garden and classrooms.

An interview featuring Gramma D. and Ms. O’Brien

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