Transcript requests MUST be made by the STUDENT

Student transcript service  Click HERE

Requests can be made in person or e-mail (

Please be prepared to provide 2 pieces of ID (1 photo ID) and to answer identifying questions in order to protect your personal information.

If you are requesting your transcript by e-mail, please provide the following information in your request:

1. Your full LEGAL name as it was in high school.

2. Your birth date.

3. The year you graduated.

4. Your address and current daytime telephone number.

5. If you are having another individual pick up and pay for your transcripts, please include the information in your request.

6. A signature or closing acknowledgment with your current legal name.

Fee:  $10.00 for up to THREE official sealed transcripts payable by cash or cheque. Payment must be received before
processing transcripts. Free transcripts are available for the first year after graduation. If you did not graduate
you may request a copy of your Permanent Record Card which shows all grades from K-12.

 You may also find more information about transcripts on the ministry