District Scholarships and Awards Program

Each year the Ministry of Education allots our school district a number of one thousand dollar scholarships and awards based on the number of students enrolled in grade 12. Winners receive a $500 cash Award plus a $500 Scholarship voucher which may be used to attend a college or other post secondary school. In School District No. 22 (Vernon), candidates entering the
District Scholarships & Awards program must plan and complete a project to demonstrate a particular skill or interest. Application form for program is available every September.
Guidelines for District Scholarship and Awards Program.

Locally Awarded Bursaries Or Scholarships

There are numerous locally awarded bursaries and scholarships for students within our school district. The school district makes available the “Application ” for a one week period in mid March of each year. Scholarships for Automatic Consideration List – Scholarships with Specific Criteria List. Please contact your local secondary school counselor for more information regarding these scholarships/bursaries.

 Post Secondary & Scholarship Info:


1. Apply for as many scholarships as possible. Be prepared to spend time and effort; successful scholarship applications are the result of care, good supporting documents, and attention to detail.

2. Begin early. The scholarship application process should begin early in the school year.

3. Search. There are many online sources and databases to search for scholarship opportunities. Please visit the KAL Scholarship sites page for more information AND GOOGLE the word “scholarships”.

4. Be realistic. Choose the scholarships and bursaries for which you are realistically eligible. Make sure the award applies to secondary school students entering a post-secondary institution and not just to students already attending.  Check that you meet the criteria for the application. Follow the instructions carefully and accurately.

5. Read the fine print. Pour over the application with a fine-tooth comb, focusing on instructions. Call if you have questions. Most applications come with a phone number. If instructions that are unclear bog you down, pick up the phone and call for advice or ask your counsellor. If an award is restricted, include detailed and precise information that identifies your eligibility for the award. If the application requires a high school transcript, for example request one immediately. Then follow up to make sure transcripts have arrived.

6. Photocopy the application forms and use them as rough drafts. Prepare spotless final copies.

7. Neatness counts. Type all application forms, essays, etc. Ask someone else to proofread them. Be sure all parts are “picture perfect,” no whiteouts, corrections with a pen, misspellings or crumpled paper. Make sure every part is neat, tidy and legible.

8. Practice makes perfect. If essays or paragraph-long answers to questions are asked for, rework them until they are clear and well written. Be willing to do it over to get it right! Show your application to a teacher or parent or someone who can give constructive criticism.

9. Check application deadlines. Determine whether the deadline date is the date the application must be received or whether it is the date the application must be postmarked. Be early, in case of unavoidable delays, and be aware that deadline dates are sometimes subject to change. Sign, seal, and send your application at least two weeks prior to the application deadline date. As a precaution, you might consider sending it by registered or express mail, or by courier.

10. Keep a record. Make copies of everything you send so you’ll have a reference at a later date.

11. Check out what has worked for others. Talk to anyone you know who has won a scholarship. Ask for pointers on ways to improve your application.

12. Explore all possibilities. Keep seeking out scholarship opportunities.  Applying for a cash award is time-consuming, but research and hard work does pay off.


Graduation/Post Secondary/Scholarship Information Power Point – follow link below.

PSI Information 2021-22-Kal Edition