Reference Letter Prep

Reference Letter Planner

MS Word Version

This form should be completed prior to requesting a reference letter. It can be done in point form. The information you provide in these 5 questions will be extremely helpful to the person who has agreed to compose a reference letter for you. It would be helpful to also provide them with a copy of your current transcript and a copy of the application form.

1. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES. (List the extracurricular activities you have been involved in throughout highschool. This includes your involvement in sports, music, clubs, leadership classes etc. Include the dates and years of involvement counselor)

2. COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER WORK/INVOLVEMENT. (List and describe any community volunteer work or involvement. Include the dates and year(s) of involvement counselor)

(List ALL certificates, awards, leadership roles etc. that you have earned both in the school and community.)

(Outline your employment history. Provide dates of employment, names of companies and employers, tasks performed, etc.)

(Provide at least six words that best describe you. Explain why you think these words are the best descriptors of your character.)