​Counselling services are available to all students at Kalamalka. The goal of the counselling centre is to assist students in a variety of ways to ensure their well being:
– to explore and develop educational plans
– as a mediation between themselves, the school, and their parents
– to gain information about educational and community resources
– for self-exploration during times of crisis

Through personal, education and career counselling, students are helped to discover their strengths, challenges, needs and values. They are encouraged to develop qualities which will help them become self-reliant. They learn that they are in charge of and responsible for their actions. Counsellors also consult with teachers, administrators, parents and other support staff regarding the educational, personal and social development of students.
Students can and are encouraged to make their own appointments with any counsellor. Take a minute to get to know us – we welcome the opportunity! Parent inquiries are also welcomed by the counsellors. If parents wish to speak with a counsellor, appointments can be scheduled by contacting the main office, 545-1396.

Mrs. Knight works with all students, grade 8 through 12 with last names A to L
Mr. Lefurgy works with all students, grade 8 through 12 with last names M -Z