Post Secondary Prep

Preparing for the Application process
(college/university & scholarships)

For many students, life after high school involves moving into the world of work, attending a college or university, travelling overseas or across Canada. If you are planning to attend college/university or particate in an apprenticeship program…there is some work that has to be done….As Soon As Possible…

College/University application websites are open and deadlines are fast approaching.   The application process for colleges and universities is almost completely an online process. 

The following are a list of tasks that we suggest students complete in preparation for attending a British Columbia college or university in September. If you are planning to attend a college or university outside of BC, please meet with one of the school counsellors for more information.

1. CREATE an account & Complete the COMMON FORM on the
Post-Secondary Application Service (PASBC).

  • This FREE service enables a student to enter their personal information—required by all
    BC post secondary institutions—used on their college/university application only once…when they apply to more than 1 institution.

  • We recommend that you apply to more than 1 institution…as there are no guarantees

2. Decide what faculty/program you want to register for and attend in September 2018

  • If you not sure what you want to study or where to study…use the Program Search tool from
  • this tool will enable you to search for a Field of Study, Subject Area Region of the province, a particular Institution, Length of the program/course , type of Apprenticeship and many other options.
  • The site will give you information about entrance requirements, tuition fees and program details.

3. Prepare for Scholarship Applications and Reference Letter Requests

  • In order to make the scholarship application process as streamlined as possible, we recommend that students complete at least 1 of the following forms: