Academic Planning

What you need to know about the 2018-19 Course Selection Process
  • its online
  • it needs to be connected to a 3 year graduation plan
  • it needs to be a collaborative effort between STUDENTS, PARENTS and the SCHOOL

It's Online

  • Using the web portal of
    STUDENT CONNECT, students will be able to select courses accurate and quickly
  • The
    PARENT CONNECT web portal will allow families to review and confirm the courses selected my their child(ren)

It Needs to be Connected to a 3-Year Graduation Plan

Every year we have a number of student who carefully consider what courses they plan to take the next year. These students consider factors like:

  • where their strengths are
  • what they would like to get better at
  • their career goals
  • post secondary admission requirements

and these students typically get the courses they need/want and are on a straight line path to achieving their goals for their life after KAL

these are students who are able to find relevance in their courses and are able to stay motivated during the difficult times


We have many students who make course selections

"on the spot"
with only a passing thought as to how their course selections are connected to their future

Unfortunately these are the students who find it difficult to stay motivated and focused with a learning task ( or course) and often are heard to say..with frustration

This year…all grade 9-10 and 11 students will be required to have a
3 year graduation plan BEFORE they will be able to select their courses

A Fillable 3 Year Plan | Sample 3 year plans

It needs to be a Collaborative Effort Between STUDENTS, PARENTS and the SCHOOL

the decision regarding what courses a student will take in high school should be an informed one….based on

  • consideration of graduation requirement
  • meaningful discussions about the present and the future
  • relevant and reliable information sources
    • and goals and dreams for a LIFE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL

Consideration of
Graduation Requirements

  • the Ministry of Education has developed a set of graduation requirements that include courses from grade 10 to 12 that provides GREAT FLEXIBILITY for students to define a relatively unique and satisfying educational experience
  • check out the Graduation requirements here

Meaningful Discussions should consider…

  • what learning opportunities excite a students …within and KAL Secondary, SD#22 and beyond
  • a student's passion in or out of classroom
  • what is possible given what a student is will do and how hard they are prepared to work
  • giving the most significant voice to the person who is most directly effected my the decision, the


Relevant and Reliable Information Sources

  • provides different perspectives on information necessary to make a decision about your future
  • increases the potential for the straightest path toward achieving what a student wants do or become when they graduate
  • ensures that a decision is not based on inaccurate or biased information