Code of Conduct

School District 22 Code of Conduct

SD22’s Code of Conduct has been established to maintain a safe, caring and healthy learning environment.

It is the shared responsibility of students, staff, parents / guardians and the broader community, to demonstrate positive conduct while attending any school or District related activity, at any location.

The Code of Conduct applies to behaviour within District premises and during activities that are organized or sponsored by the District. It also extends beyond the typical school or workday when it affects the provision of a safe, caring or orderly environment – including social media and other interactions where they impact the safety of the environment for members of the school community.

All members of the school community are expected to:

·         show respect for the diversity of the members of school and District communities;

·         behave in a safe, thoughtful and courteous manner;

·         never threaten, harass, intimidate or assault, in any form, any person within our school district community, through physical violence, verbal abuse or any forms of media;

·         never be in possession of weapons, dangerous articles, alcohol or illegal drugs, while in school or work;

·         show respect and pride in district facilities and equipment through care and appropriate use of school district property; and

·         treat guests, at sport, cultural, graduations and all other events with respect.

All members of the school community must refrain from engaging in any in-person or digital communication or behaviour that is considered to be:

·         Interfering with the learning and working of others;

·         Bullying, harassing, intimidating, retaliating, discriminating or violent; and

·         Unsafe or illegal including the possession, use or distribution of illegal or restricted substances, or the possession of weapons or replicas.

All members of the school community are expected to comply with the purpose and spirit of the BC Human Rights Code, including not engaging in discriminatory conduct on the basis of race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or age.

All members of the school community are entitled to experience spaces that are free from harm, where acceptable behaviours are met, and where all members feel they belong.

Priority will be placed on supporting individuals and determining the root causes of behaviour. If the safety or educational program of others is compromised, or if there is an ongoing failure to meet the expectations of the Code of Conduct, a range of consequences will follow. Every effort will be made to protect individuals against retaliation relating to the Code of Conduct. Whenever possible, incidents will be resolved by discussion, mediation and restitution.

*Note: This Code of Conduct is subject to change pending Board Approval.