Hillview Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Our school has an active Parent Advisory Council (PAC), which helps enrich each child’s education and supports active parental involvement in the school. The PAC holds regular monthly meetings on the third Tuesday of each month unless otherwise posted. The PAC meets in the Library/Learning Commons at the school. At the meetings, the PAC hears from the school administration and the various committees about what is going on in the school. It is a great way to stay in touch with the school! The PAC also votes on budget suggestions and other policies and procedures put forth at the meetings. All parents who have a child enrolled at Hillview are part of the PAC.

Please refer to monthly newsletters and announcements for PAC meeting dates and times. The Hillview PAC also has a Facebook Page where they post information updates:

“Hillview Elementary PAC- Vernon BC”

➢ The PAC has a formed executive and receives extra funding from the government, which is used to offset some of the cost of field trips and also to fund extra-curricular programs that are not covered by the regular school budget.

➢ The PAC also fundraises throughout the year to continue ongoing programs that have been implemented by the PAC and also to add things to the school as needed and when possible.

➢ The PAC coordinates many initiatives, including our hot lunch options each week.

➢ The PAC is primarily here to serve the students. The PAC is here for the kids, working alongside the staff to make each year a positive year to remember.

➢ The PAC is always happy to have new people get involved! It seems that there is always something to be done at the school and really even a little time here and there makes all the difference!

Hot lunches will be ordered online at: Hillview Hot Lunch Orders