About Harwood Elementary

Harwood is a K-7 school with about 450 students. Harwood staff are caring, hardworking, and strive to meet the needs of every student.  Our Parent Advisory Council plays an important role in supporting our school.

We are committed to our school “Belief System” that focuses in on Respecting Oneself, Respecting Others and Respecting the Environment.

Harwood is the home of the H.E.A.T.:


In addition, Harwood Elementary is host to the Grade 6 and Grade 7 Late French Immersion Programs and Kindergarten French Immersion.

Harwood Elementary is proud to provide a multitude of student activities: Chess Club, Track and Field, Volleyball, Basketball, Leadership Club, Book Worms and Dragon’s Breath, Battle of the Books, Cross-Country Running, Choir and Run for Fun.