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Allison, Tyler School Based Resource Teacher –Summits Program Student Support Services
​Anderson, Jason ​Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies
​Anderson, Josette ​Education Assistant Student Support
Atherton, Beth Education Assistant Resource Room
​Arnold, Janine ​Teacher Science
​Bartels, Jennifer ​Education Assistant, Bus Supervisor Student Support ​
Boal, Sean ​Teacher Social Studies
​Bonin, Brent ​Education Assistant AIAO ​
​Bos, Ian ​Education Assistant Resource Room ​
Buchanan, Robert ​Teacher AIAO
​Butters, Lynn ​Clerical- Student Records Office Administration 
Byles, Heather Education Assistant Student Support
Casola, Gina Noon Hour Supervisor Student Supervisor
Casola, Manny Custodian Custodial
Curtis, Dan Teacher Careers
​Deschamps, Travis ​Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies ​
​Dolinar, Tony ​Teacher Mathematics
Dollevoet, Natalie Teacher Careers, Science
​Edgar, Mike ​Principal Administration
​Ellis, Greg ​Teacher Social Studies
​Eyford, Jerri ​Education Assistant Resource Room ​
​Friesen, Deb ​Clerical- Front Desk Office staff ​
Friesen, Meagan Education Assistant Student Support
​Gee, Alan ​Teacher Social Studies
​Halcro, Sharon ​Education Assistant Resource Room ​
​Harison, Patti ​Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies ​
​Hobkirk, Erin ​Teacher Librarian iCenter
Holtz, Kaylee Teacher French
Jacobs, Melissa Teacher English
​Johnson, Rhiannon ​Teacher Science
​Kereluk, Pauline ​​School Based Resource Teacher-Vocations Program -Senior, gr 9,10, 11, 12 Student Support Services
Kiel, Teresa Teacher Science
​Knjaschewitsch, Sascha ​Teacher Career Education, Mathematics
​Lau, Charlene ​School
Student Support Services


Lau, Micheal School Based Resource Teacher-CONNECTIONS Student Support Services
​Levi, Sean ​Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies, Student
Ma, Jenny ​Teacher On Leave ​
​MacKenzie, Dave ​School
Student Support Services


Martian, Trish Education Assistant Student Support
Mazereeuw, Kendra Education Assistant Resource Room
McDougall, Emily Teacher Science, Careers
McInnes, Tara Clerical, Career Programs Career Education
McMullen, Shane Education Assistant AIAO
McNeal, Jarrett Custodian Custodial
​Meyer, Debbie ​Career Programs Coordinator Career Education, Work Experience
Moore, Nicole Teacher English Langyuage Arts
​Nixon, Danielle ​Education Assistant Student Support ​
​Olson, Dale ​Teacher Physical Health and Education
​Olson, Jacqueline ​Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies
​Pastro, Treena ​Teacher English Language Arts, Physical and Health Education, Student Support Services
​Peter, Lenna ​Teacher English Language Arts
Peters, Shawn Teacher English Language Arts
​Phelan, Lynn ​​Indigenous Student Support Worker gr.8,9 ​Indigenous Education
​Piazza, Yvonne ​Education Assistant Student Support ​
​Plotnikoff, Sandi ​Education Assistant On Leave ​
Podmorow, Connor Teacher Social Studies, Career Education
Pryce, Breaden ​Education Assistant, Resource Room Resource Room
​Redl, Lori-Ann Administrative Assistant Office Administration
Richard, Mario Indigenous Student Support Worker gr 10, 11,12 Indigenous Education
Rossetti, Rachael Teacher Science, Applied Design, Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies
Sallenbach, Baylee Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies, English Language Arts
Salmon, Angela Vice Principal Grade 8, 9, 10, 11 Student Discipline
Sawatzky, Tim ​School Based Resource Teacher –Learning Center Student Support Services
Smith, Steve School Based Resource Teacher-Vocations, Gr.8, AIAO, Summits Program Student Support Services
​Scheller, Mike ​Teacher-Athletic Director Physical Health and Education
​Schratter, Ed ​Teacher Mathematics
​Schroeder, Erinn ​Teacher-Cafeteria Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies
​Shaigec, Sharon ​Teacher Physical Health and Education ​
​Shillingford, Monica ​Library/icentre Assistant iCentre ​
​Silver, Eli ​Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies, Career Education
Strickland, Caitlin Teacher AIAO
Tetrault, Cyndi ​School Based Resource Teacher –Learning Center Student Support Services
​Thompson, Ryan ​Teacher Mathematics ​
​Thorburn, Andrea ​Teacher Arts Education
​Van Vliet, Heidi ​Teacher Science
​Zabolotniuk, Kelsey ​Teacher-International Student Support International Education, English Language Art