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Allison, Tyler School Based Resource Teacher –Resource Room  Program Student Support Services
​Anderson, Jason ​Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies
​Anderson, Josette ​Education Assistant
Atherton, Beth Education Assistant
​Arnold, Janine ​Teacher Science
​Bartels, Jennifer ​Education Assistant, Bus Supervisor ​
Boal, Sean ​Teacher Socials Studies
​Bonin, Brent ​Education Assistant (AIAO) (AIAO) Academy ​
​Bos, Ian ​Education Assistant ​
Buchanan, Robert ​Teacher (AIAO) Academy
Budd, Meghan Teacher Arts Education
Butler, Melissa Teacher English Language Arts
​Butters, Lynn ​Clerical- Student Records Office Staff 
Byles, Heather Education Assistant
Casola, Gina Noon Hour Supervisor
Casola, Manny Custodian
Tara Clerical, Career Programs Career Education
​Deschamps, Travis ​Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies ​
​Dolinar, Tony ​Teacher Mathematics
​Edgar, Mike ​Vice-principal Administration
​Ellis, Greg ​Teacher Social Studies
​Eyford, Jerri ​Education Assistant ​
​Friesen, Deb ​Clerical- Front Desk Office staff ​
​Gee, Alan ​Teacher Social Studies
​Halcro, Sharon ​Education Assistant ​
​Harison, Patti ​Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies ​
Hayles, Kirsten Teacher Science
​Hobkirk, Erin ​Teacher Librarian iCenter
​Jeberg, Fay ​Noon Hour Supervisor
​Jensen, Ellie School Based Resource Teacher-Connections Program Student Support Services
​Johnson, Rhiannon ​Teacher Science
​Jones, Brenda ​Education Assistant ​
​Jones, Brett ​Noon Hour Supervisor
​Kereluk, Pauline ​​School Based Resource Teacher-Vocations Program (Senior, gr 10, 11, 12) Student Support Services
​Knjaschewitsch, Sascha ​Teacher Career Education, Mathematics
​Lau, Charlene ​School
Student Support Services


Lau, Micheal School Based Resource Teacher-AIAO Student Support Services
​Levi, Sean ​Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies, Student,  LEADERSHIP
Ma, Jenny ​Teacher Career Education, English Language Learner Support, Science
​MacKenzie, Dave ​School
Student Support Services


Martian, Trish Education Assistant
Mazereeuw, Kendra Education Assistant
McNeal, Jarrett Custodian
​Meyer, Debbie ​Career Programs Coordinator Career Education, Work Experience
​Nixon, Danielle ​Education Assistant ​
​Olson, Dale ​Teacher Physical Health and Education
​Olson, Jacqueline ​Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies
Orchard, Shylo Education Assistant
​Pastro, Treena ​Teacher English Language Arts, Physical and Health Education, Student Support Services
​Peter, Greg ​Teacher-International Student Support International Education, English Language Arts
​Peter, Lenna ​Teacher English Language Arts
​Phelan, Kathleen ​Indigenous Student Support Worker (gr 10, 11,12) ​Indigenous Education
​Phelan, Lynn ​​Indigenous Student Support Worker (gr.8,9) ​Indigenous Education
​Piazza, Yvonne ​Education Assistant ​
​Plotnikoff, Sandi ​Education Assistant ​
Podmorrow, Connor Teacher Social Studies, Career Education
Pryce,  Breaden ​Education Assistant, Resource Room
​Redl, Lori-Ann Clerical Office Staff
Rossetti, Rachael Teacher Science
Sallenbach, Baylee Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies, English Language Arts, Socials Studies
Sawatzky, Tim ​School Based Resource Teacher –Learning Center Student Support Services
Servidio-Pollard, Anna ​Custodian (on leave) ​
Schmidt, Mark Custodian
Steve Smith School Based Resource Teacher-Vocations, Gr.8,9) Student Support Services
​Santos, Richard ​Teacher (2nd semester) English Language Arts
​Scheller, Mike ​Teacher (Athletic Director) Physical Health and Education
​Schmidt, Mark ​Custodian ​
​Schratter, Ed ​Teacher Mathematics
​Schroeder, Erinn ​Teacher (Cafeteria) Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies
​Seed, Lynn ​Principal Administration
​Shaigec, Sharon ​Teacher Physical Health and Education ​
​Shillingford, Monica ​Library Assistant ​
​Silver, Eli ​Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies, Career Education
Strickland, Caitlin Teacher (AIAO) Academy
Tetrault, Cyndi ​School Based Resource Teacher –Learning Center Student Support Services
​Thompson, Ryan ​Teacher Mathematics ​
​Thorburn, Andrea ​Teacher Arts Education
​Van Vliet, Heidi ​Teacher Science
​Woodliffe, Lisa ​Teacher English Language Arts
​Zupp, Karen ​Noon Hour Supervisor