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​Anderson, Jason ​Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies janderson
Atherton, Beth Education Assistant Summit Program batherton
​Arnold, Janine ​Teacher Science jarnold
​Bartels, Jennifer ​Education Assistant, Bus Supervisor Student Support ​jbartels
Boal, Sean ​Teacher Social Studies sboal
​Bonin, Brent ​Education Assistant AIAO ​bbonin
Booth, Jaymi Teacher Mathematics jbooth
​Bos, Ian ​Education Assistant Resource Room ​ibos
Buchanan, Robert ​Teacher AIAO rbuchanan
​Butters, Lynn Clerical

Student Records, MyEd

Office Administration lbutters
Byles, Heather Education Assistant Student Support hbyles
Casola, Gina Noon Hour Supervisor Student Supervisor gcasola
Casola, Manny Custodian Custodial mcasola
Chaddock, Addie Teacher achaddock
Curtis, Dan Teacher Careers dcurtis
​Deschamps, Travis ​Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies ​tdeschamps
​Dolinar, Tony ​Teacher Mathematics tdolinar
​Edgar, Mike ​Principal Administration medgar
Elder, Lisa Indigenous Student Support Worker gr.10,11,12 Indigenous Education Ledler
​Ellis, Greg ​Teacher Social Studies

Check & Connect – Gr. 8

​Eyford, Jerri ​Education Assistant Summit Program ​jeyford
​Friesen, Deb ​Clerical- Front Desk Office staff cfulton
Gunn, Kathleen Teacher Summit Program kgunn
​Halcro, Sharon ​Education Assistant Summit Program ​shalcro
Hales, Kirsten Teacher Science khales
​Harison, Patti ​Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies ​pohearn
Hatterscheidt, Emily Teacher English Language Arts, Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies eHatterscheidt
​Hobkirk, Erin ​Teacher Librarian iCenter
Holtz, Kaylee Teacher French kholtz
Hogenhout, Sam Teacher Physical and Health Education SHogenhout
Jacobs, Melissa Teacher English mjacobs
​Kereluk, Pauline School Counsellor – (A-K) Student Support Services pakereluk
Kiel, Teresa Teacher Science tKiel
​Knjaschewitsch, Sascha ​Teacher  Mathematics srknjaschewitsch
Lau, Michael School Based Resource Teacher-CONNECTIONS Student Support Services mlau
​Levi, Sean ​Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies, Student slevi
Ma, Jenny Teacher Career Education, Online Learning Support, General Explorations YMa
Mahortoff, Jason Education Assistant Student Support jmahortoff
Martian, Trish Education Assistant Student Support tmartian
Mazereeuw, Kendra Education Assistant Summit Program kmazereeuw
McDougall, Emily Teacher Science, Careers emcdougall
McInnes, Tara Clerical, Career Programs Career Education careerprograms
McMahon, Caitlin Teacher AIAO cmcmahon
Fester, Deanna Teacher Career Education, English Language Arts, Socials Studies Dfester
​Meyer, Debbie Career Programs Coordinator Career Education, Work Experience, Dual Credit programs dmeyer
​Olson, Dale ​Teacher Physical Health and Education dolson
​Olson, Jacqueline ​Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies, Leadership jolson
Ouellet, Rachel Teacher Socials Studies rOuellet
​Pastro, Treena ​Teacher English Language Arts, Physical and Health Education, Student Support Services tpastro
​Peter, Lenna ​Teacher English Language Arts lpeter
Peters, Shawn Teacher English Language Arts speters
​Phelan, Lynn ​​Indigenous Student Support Worker gr.8,9 Indigenous Education lphelan
​Piazza, Yvonne ​Education Assistant Student Support ​ypiazza
Podmorow, Connor Teacher Social Studies, Career Education, English Language Arts cpodmorow
​Redl, Lori-Ann Administrative Assistant Office Administration lredl
Reeves, Melissa Teacher English Language Art mReeves
Reid, Geordy Teacher International Dept greid
Russo, Curt School Based Resource Teacher-
Vocations Program
Student Support Services crusso
Sallenbach, Baylee Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies, English Language Arts bsallenbach
Salmon, Angela Vice Principal Administration asalmon
Smith, Steve School Based Resource Teacher-Learning Center Student Support Services SgSmith
​Scheller, Mike ​Teacher-Athletic Director Physical Health and Education mscheller
​Schratter, Ed ​Teacher Mathematics escratter
​Schroeder, Erinn ​Teacher-Culinary Arts Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies eSchroeder
​Shillingford, Monica Library/icentre Assistant iCentre ​mshillingford
​Silver, Eli ​Teacher Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies, Career Education esilver
Summerfelt, Corina Teacher French CSummerfelt
​Thompson, Ryan ​Teacher Mathematics ​rthompson
​Thorburn, Andrea ​Teacher Arts Education athorburn
Tupper, Stari School Counsellor (L-Z) Student Support Services stupper
​Van Vliet, Heidi ​Teacher Science hvanvliet
Wilkins, Jay Teacher Social Studies jwilkins
Wolsey, Ray School Based Resource Teacher-Learning Center Student Support Services rwolsey
​Zabolotniuk, Kelsey ​Teacher-
English Language Learner Student Support
Student Support Services English Language Arts KZabolotniuk