There are literally tens of thousands of scholarships available for grade 12 students planning to attend a trade school, college, or university.  However, students must be willing to invest time and energy to research, find and apply for these scholarships. Think of your scholarship “hunt” like applying for a part-time job.  It makes sense to use your connections, talk to your family and friends, and search the Internet!  The opportunities $$ are out there, you just have to find them!

There are 4 basic types of scholarships: International, National, Provincial, and Local.  The 1st type of scholarships typically include those of the greatest dollar amount and are open to the greatest number of students, so competition for these dollars is tough! For each successive type of scholarship, the dollar amounts typically decrease, and so do the number of potential applicants.  Use your time and energy wisely to apply for scholarships that you meet the criteria described on the scholarship application or website.

YOUR school counsellors have created a list of more than List of 500+ scholarships.  While these are obviously NOT every scholarship “out there”, it’s a good place to start.

Won a Scholarship? Let Us Know!

Please email Mrs. Lau or Mr. Mackenzie along with a copy of your confirmation letter so that we can recognize you at the graduation ceremony!


SD22 Scholarship Application:(available in the Spring)

YOUR school counsellor will host a lunchtime presentation to explain how the LOCAL scholarship application process works BEFORE the application link becomes LIVE!