Students Without Borders Info Meeting

Posted on December 19, 2022

SWBA works with students interested in an exciting learning adventure. Step out from behind the desk and spend a full semester building deep friendships while connecting with meaningful learning.

SWBA Informational meeting today, Monday, Dec. 19 @ 730 at the KAL Secondary

Students will complete all requirements for:

  • Intro to Spanish or Spanish 11
  • Leadership 11 or 12
  • Social Justice 12 or Social Studies 11
  • Comparative Cultures 12
  • English First Peoples Literary Studies 11 or English First Peoples 12 (Satisfying the new Grad requirements)
  • THERE ARE NO ONLINE COURSES IN THE PROGRAM – All courses are completed in the classroom with field study supplements.

The following are some of the typical OUT OF CLASSROOM adventures and highlights of the SWBA semester:

  • Initiation/Bootcamp at a nearby camp
  • Full week hosting of “Out Of Province Kids” with local adventures and leadership retreat (Experiences Canada)
  • Weekly connection with local community agencies – becoming community builders
  • World-renowned guest speakers through UBC and others
  • 5-week field study/odyssey to Panama Central America1-week homestay in a small fishing village
    • local artisan lessons
    • surfing in the Pacific / Scuba in the Caribbean
    • Turtle Hatchery Vigil – Green Sea Turtles
    • Primate Rehab ( Howler Monkey) volunteering.
    • Coral Reef ecology with Smithsonian Institute
    • Coffee/Chocolate/Banana Fair Trade Tours
    • So Much More……
  • ALSO: SWBA facilitates enjoyable employment (through a local business) for students looking for work to help pay for SWBA fees. Bursaries are also available for students who qualify.