SD22 Local Scholarships Opens Feb 22

Posted on February 16, 2021
Student Poster Step by Step Instructions


There are numerous locally awarded bursaries and scholarships for students within our school district. The school district’s application period for the 2020/2021 school year will be Monday, February 22 to Friday, March 5.

The current list of available scholarships for 2021 can be found HERE

The current list of available scholarships sorted by school for 2021can be found HERE

The Scholarship Application is open from February 22 until March 5 and can be accessed HERE through a School District 22 network. Students are encouraged to speak with their school counsellors for more information and assistance.

Due to COVID Health & Safety protocols, FULTON School Counsellors will be conducting a virtual meeting to explain how the local scholarship process works and demonstrate how complete the application.  A recording of this meeting will be posted here for those who are not able to attend the Zoom meeting.

ZOOM meetings for Local Scholarships

ALL grade 12 students and Parent/Guardians are welcome to attend
(click the time below of the meeting you wish to attend.

THIS INFO is also found here