ONLINE Transcript delivery service NOW OPEN

Posted on November 18, 2021

Post-Secondary Institution Selections Using the StudentTranscripts Service

StudentTranscripts Service (STS) – Post-Secondary Institution Selections

Grade 12 students can now make their post-secondary institution (PSI) selections in the StudentTranscripts Service (STS).
How and when transcript information is sent will depend on the PSI and the options selected in STS. For full details,
please visit the Transcripts and Post-Secondary Selection web page.
Grade 12 students can make up to 25 free PSI selections in STS. They are also entitled to order one free printed
transcript (by mail) after graduation, which can be sent to any address they choose. All other transcript orders in STS
(including PDF transcripts) are $10 each.

Important Reminder about Authorizing Select PSIs to Retrieve Transcripts Updates

If a student’s selected PSI is capable of receiving ongoing electronic updates (i.e., XML transcripts), the student should
choose the second option to “Send my transcript now and allow this Post-Secondary Institution to request transcript
updates until the date specified below.” To ensure there are no issues with their PSI application process, it is also
recommended that they leave the authorization period set to the default date of one year.

Help Resources
Detailed STS help videos and documentation are available at StudentTranscripts Service Help Documentation.