Monday, Jan. 10 Expectations and Information to be Reviewed

Posted on January 07, 2022

Teachers in A block, Monday morning will be reviewing and discussing the following expectations and information with their students.

  1. Masks must be worn at all times inside unless eating or drinking
  2. Masks must be worn properly- cover mouth and nose
  3. Respect each person’s personal space
  4. Cafeteria will only do pre-orders delivered to your just before lunch class.
  5. Students can only eat in classrooms or outside. Cafeteria is not available to eat in.
  6. Functional Closure – if the school has to shut down due to COVID classes will flip to online.
  7. Staggered Dismissal – Last Block of the day Only
    • Grades 10- 12 classes dismissed at 2:55
      Grade 9/10 split counts as grade 9
    • all other classes stay in classroom until 3:00
  8. Video to watch – CDP Video (link posted soon)