Government of BC Excellence Scholarships

Posted on January 17, 2022


1 nominee per school

Getting Started…
You must be nominated by your secondary school in order to apply for this scholarship. Only one student from each school may be nominated. Please inquire at your school if you would like to be considered for nomination. You must confirm your nomination by having your school principal sign and date the BC Excellence Nomination Form (PDF).

In the online application, you will be asked to provide specific information and additional attachments.

  • You can prepare by reviewing the list on the first page of the Application in advance
  • You will upload any required attachments directly to the online application when prompted
  • Attachments should be Word documents or PDF files under 15 MB in size

Conditional winners and their schools will be notified by email in May. Winners are confirmed in September and notified by mail. They will also receive vouchers at this time. Vouchers must be redeemed within 5 years of graduation. The exact expiry dates are printed on vouchers.

Applying to be the Fulton nominee

  1. Review the scholarship criteria found on the Ministry of Education website
  2. Download and complete section 2 (resume) and section 4 (written statement) of the online application.
  3. Submit these MS Word documents to your school counsellor or principal on or before January 31 @3:15.
  4. The principal will review all applications and inform the successful candidate.  Students who do not receive the Fulton nomination will be verbally informed by a member of the Fulton staff.
    FULTON student deadline: January 31, 2021 @ 3:15pm

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