Are You Problem-Solving, or Just Worrying?

Posted on March 29, 2021

Insights on how to stop worrying about your problems and start solving them.

We all have problems—it’s an inevitable part of being alive. But sometimes, when we’re trying to focus our energies on solving these problems, we may actually be doing something far less productive: worrying.

In the anxiety literature, worry is defined as a repetitive pattern of negative thinking about unresolved and threatening issues that could end badly. It’s not just about having one negative thought (“Oh no, I forgot to write that report due on Monday!”). Instead, worry is a sustained period of negative thinking about the issue, and often focused on the worst-case-scenario outcomes (e.g., “What if I can’t finish on time? What if it’s terrible? What will people think of me? I might get fired!” and so on).

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