Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about  Course Selection

Where do I find the course selection website?

  • Course selection is done ONLINE through MyEd.
  • There will be a Course Selection link on the HOME PAGE of the FULTON WEBSITE.


I don’t remember or know my username/password for MyEd.  What do I do?

  • Student usernames are their PEN numbers (9 digit Personal Education Numbers).
    If you need to reset your password, please use the “I forgot my password link’, which will send a message to the student email account.
  • Family Usernames and Passwords support….please contact the main office staff during regular school hours (250-545-1348).


I don’t have a computer at home, can someone enter my course selections?

  • Every student will be invited to select their courses during a scheduled in-school session, March 7-11.
    There are computers in the school counselling area and in the library that the student is free to use to select their courses. 
  • We believe that students need to be actively involved in selecting their courses.  We can help any student in need.


How are students placed in the classes?  How are schedules built?

  • The scheduling software creates schedules based on a random process, where each student has the same chance to get the course they select. It is NOT a 1st Selected; 1st Scheduled


I am planning to enroll in a specialized academy or dual credit program.  How should I select my courses so that I get my academy program (or a program that takes me out of the school for a block or more) and all the courses I require for next year?

  • At the beginning stages of the course selection process, please select courses as if you will be a FULL-TIME FULTON student.
  • Once we have FINAL confirmation you have been accepted into the specialized program(course), we will be able to revise your course selections to reflect enrollment in the specialized program.


Where do I get information about what courses to pick for next year?


When does the course selection open? When will it close?

  • Opens March 4th
  • Closes March 10th


How many courses do I need to pick for next year?

  • ALL students are required to have 8 courses, which is considered a full schedule.
  • We also recommend selecting ALTERNATES where it is possible, in case there is a conflict within the master schedule.


How do I sign up for Leadership and or Yearbook?

  • Inside the course selection platform, there is a separate online form to enter your request.


How do I decide what Math to take?

  • Consider the following:
    • What level of Math are you in NOW—and consider continuing at the same level
    • Check your post-secondary program requirements Research here
    • Seek advice/recommendation from your Math teacher


What about ONLINE courses next year?

  • Students are free to register for an online course at any time throughout the year  SD22 online learning (Vlearn) or Provincial Listing of all Online schools/courses
  • Fulton has limited capacity to offer a block of time in the master schedule to work on an online course. (i.e. computers, teacher time and supervision).  Requests for online support blocks will be considered AFTER a student is REGISTERED and ENGAGED in a course, AND these requests will be dealt with in September.


Can I pick a course to be scheduled for a specific semester?

  • Every year, the master schedule is finalized in late June/Early July, so it is NOT possible to pick your courses for a specific semester. You will need to wait until schedules are released in August and then request a CHANGE if necessary.


Can I pick my teachers for the courses that I want?

  • Teachers’ assigned classes are not finalized until the 1st day of school, so it is not possible to pick your specific teacher(s).


Can I get a Learning Center Support Block?

  • Learning Center blocks are reserved for those students who have a CASE MANAGER.


Can I get a SPARE block?

  • All students are expected to have 8 courses in the schedule for the 1st day of school.
    SOME Grade 12’s may be granted a 2nd-semester spare, but considerations will be made at the end of semester 1.  


How do I repeat a course? Failed? Better mark?

    If you failed a required course, you will be automatically re-scheduled.
    We have limited space to allow students to repeat a course for a better mark.  In September, we are in a better position to know if there are seats available to “repeat a course for a better mark” .


I am in grade 10, and I want to select a grade 11 course?  (or 11>>12) How can pick this course?

  • Decisions about placement in these courses will be made AFTER the 1st week of classes.  We must ensure that any student in a particular grade has access to the courses in their grade level.


I want to graduate early.  How can I select courses to make this happen?


Will I see my schedule before the end of June?

  • Sorry no.  Given the complexity of the scheduling software, students’ schedules are finalized in July.  Schedules will be released on MyEd in early to mid-August.


What if I don’t like what schedule I see in MyEd account.

  • A couple of things to consider…
    • A software program creates the schedule, based on the choices and alternates you made in March
    • Courses and # of sections of courses that are offered are based on:
      • graduation requirements
      • availability of physical space and equipment
      • student choices
  • It is our intention and wish is that students get the courses they selected, BUT a guarantee of 100% match between your selections and your schedule is just not possible.  School Counsellors are back at school the week before school starts to help students make changes to their schedule.