Course Change Request Info 2023-2024 

All students will be provided with a complete schedule that will support them in meeting graduation requirements.  We try to ensure there is a good balance of academic and elective courses each semester and that students are scheduled into the courses they requested, but sometimes that is not possible.

If a student would like to make a change to their schedule, they need to complete and submit the online Course Change Request Form.  A link to the form will be posted on our school website, emailed to students and their families, and scannable QR codes that students can scan with their phones will be posted outside the counselling area.

All course change requests will be processed in the order in which they are received through the online Course Change Request Form.

We will be unable to process course change requests in person or over the phone.

Students are encouraged to view the Master Schedule (posted online, linked to the change request form, and posted on the wall outside the counselling area) to help them make their change request.  Students need to ensure they are requesting a change that is possible.  All students are required to have a full course load of 8 courses.

We hope to be able to respond to your online requests within 24 business hours; however, due to a heavy volume of requests earlier in the add/drop timeframe, it may take longer to receive a response.

The online Course Change Request Form will be open between August 18th and September 19th.   
Students are required to attend the class that appears in their schedule while they wait for a response to their request.

Grade 12 who have completed all grade 11 graduation requirements and have earned 64 or more credits by the end of June in their grade 11 year may apply for a spare in Semester 2.  Paper-based application forms will be available in the Counselling area in February.

Paper-based application forms for Peer Tutor courses are available in the Counselling area on September 5th.

We have limited capacity to offer support to students who choose to take an online course through vLearn or any other online school.