About Clarence Fulton Secondary

Clarence Fulton Secondary School is located in Vernon, British Columbia and serves grades 8 through 12. The school is nestled along Vernon Creek and is surrounded by Grahame Park which provides baseball diamonds, soccer, rugby and football fields, sand volleyball courts and outdoor basketball courts for use by our students and families.

Historical Information

Clarence Fulton Secondary School was first known as Vernon High School and was located at the north end of Polson Park beginning in 1937. The name was changed to Clarence Fulton High School in 1964 to honour a long-time teacher, Clarence Fulton. In 1967, the school housed grades 8 – 10 and was then known as Clarence Fulton Junior Secondary. In 1984, the school was reorganized into a full secondary school with students from grades 8 – 12 and another name change ensued. The newly-organized school was known as Clarence Fulton Secondary School. In 1993, the students and teachers moved into the newly-constructed school. The former site in Polson Park is now the North Okanagan Science Centre and a skateboard park. Clarence Fulton Secondary School is now aesthetically nestled in 30 acres of parkland bordered by Vernon Creek to the north and Okanagan Avenue to the south. The school staff serves the needs of students in Grades 8 – 12.