SD22 Field Trip Guidelines



SD22 Field Trip Guidelines

For the complete description, regulations, and processes:

Download The SD22 Field Trip Guideline PDF Here

Steps for teachers and/or field trip organizers:

  • The first question you need to ask is what level your field trip is.
  • Checklists are for planning only. They may be submitted to the principal but should be used for teachers to make sure they have effectively considered all aspects in their planning. They do not have to be attached to the Field Trip application.
  • The parent/caregiver letter is a template that can be adapted to any level of field trip and should be used for consistency. This is for information only to communicate the parameters of the field trip – this is NOT the consent form.
  • Level 1/2 consent forms are filled out at the beginning of the year/course to cover all local excursions or team sport travel. This includes walking excursions and trips that you typically take within the SD22 catchment area such as swimming, skating, and even skiing at Silver Star (though parents will still have to fill out the required waiver from the ski hill).  This consent form will only need to be updated if the student’s information has changed. For team sports, parents will need to fill out the form at the start of the season, provided they are given the anticipated schedule of games or tournaments (including over night stays).
  • Parent/caregiver consent forms need to be sent out for every level 3/4/5 field trip.
  • The Field trip application is required for all level 3/4/5 field trips. Level 4 and 5 field trip applications will be submitted for district approval.
  • Volunteer forms need to be completed once per year. The Criminal Record check must be current within 5 years.
  • Volunteer Driver abstracts only need to be completed once per year. They are available free of charge through the provincial site @ Driving records (
  • The Field Trip Application, and any other documents (checklists, itineraries, bus forms, consent forms) should be submitted to the principal or designate for all level 1/2/3 Field trips as requested by the principal.
Field Trip Application Form Parent/Caregiver Information Letter Template
Level 1/2 Checklist Parent/Caregiver Consent Form (Levels 1-2)
Level 3 Checklist Parent/Caregiver Consent Form (Levels 3-4)
Level 4 Checklist Parent/Caregiver Consent Form (Level 5)
Level 5 Checklist SD22 School Volunteer Package and Application
Risk Note – Volunteer Implications Volunteer Driver Application
Field Trip Incident Reporting Form Private Vehicle Passenger List

For questions around eligibility, see Guidelines for Student Eligibility for Extra-Curricular Activities

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