Basketball (extra-curricular)

Boys and Girls Basketball begins in December and wraps up with the District Finals in  Mid March.  Historically, our basketball teams have consistently competed for the District Zone Championship winning several times.  As with volleyball, the coaching focus is on skill development, team play, and good sportsmanship.

We offer developmental and competitive basketball to all our students from grades five to seven.  Our developmental teams travel to other schools for tournaments that focus on skill development, team play, and good sportsmanship while competing for the pure enjoyment of the game.  Our competitive teams travel to schools to play in tournaments against other competitive teams in a spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play.  The results of those tournaments help seed the teams in the District Zone Championships.

Again, no matter at what level of basketball your child plays, he/she will receive the best possible coaching from our dedicated coaches at Ellison.

Track and Field

Soon after the Easter break, intermediate Ellison students competed in a whole school track and field program that focusses on fitness and skill development.  Each day during the program, students begin by stretching and running laps of our top field.

Then students are divided into groups where they practice sprinting, long-distance running, relays, high jumping, long jumping and ball throwing.  Records are kept of their achievements and at the end of the program, the top achievers in each event represent our school at the Zone and District Competitions.

For many students, the track and field program is the highlight of their athletic activities at Ellison.