School Plan

Our 'Spirals of Inquiry'

Spirals of Inquiry image


Where am I going with my learning?

How do we weave Indigenous ways of knowing into our daily practices?

Scanning - Questions Considered in the scanning process

Social Emotional Learning and Well-Being

Ellison Elementary Student Learning Survey Results 2020/21


Focusing requires a collection of information to clarify what is happening.

How are our Gr. 4 & 7 students doing in literacy and numeracy on the Provincial Foundation Skills Assessment?

How do we respond as a school and focus our energy so that we can change the results and the experiences for our learners?

Developing a Hunch

Hunches are about professional practices and curiosity as a school team in order to discover possibilities.

What can we do as a staff team to have an impact on student academic learning and social emotional learning?

Develop Common Language and Shared Practices to support student learning.


Ellison Teachers Professional Learning Groups and Inquiries of Focus for 20/21

School Spirit and Staff and Student Engagement

Taking Action

Targeted Reading Instruction and Support

Ellison Eagles S.O.A.R - "S" is for Self-Regulation

Student Engagement and Belonging