About Coldstream Elementary

Coldstream Elementary school is located in the picturesque Coldstream Valley of the North Okanagan. The original school opened its doors in 1908. June 6, 2011, was the official opening of the present ‘state of the art’ building. Currently three hundred and sixteen students strong, we take pride in all aspects of our academic success and community spirit. The school community set goals in the areas of Numeracy, Literacy, Social Responsibility and Aboriginal Education which align with the School District.

We have a strong connection with our community and regularly access the local Coldstream Park for outdoor education opportunities.  Our local fire department and District of Coldstream support with involvement in tours, community activities such as Remembrance Day ceremonies, light ups and supports like food drives.

Our Belief System of Coldstream ‘CARES’ promotes cooperation, achievement, respect, responsibility, enthusiasm and safety. We have grown through our involvement with a strong PAC, early literacy support programs, and many enriching arts and cultural pursuits.