Bylaws, Policies and Regulations

The Board of Education, School District No. 22 (Vernon), is responsible for establishing policies and regulations, ensuring implementation, and monitoring the results within the school district.

The initiation and review of new and existing policies and regulations is an ongoing process that reflects the operational needs of the district and is maintained through extensive consultation with stakeholder groups such as parents, staff, students, and community members.

A comprehensive list of SD No. 22 Policies and Regulations can be found on the ICompass portal.

Engagement Process

Proposed changes to specific Policies are posted below.  If you would like to provide feedback and share your ideas, please complete the Feedback Review Form.  Feedback will be collected, reviewed and considered.  The next Regular Board meeting is scheduled for September 21, 2022.  The deadline to submit policy feedback for the policies listed below is on or before 4:00 p.m., September 19, 2022.

Proposed Policy Changes 

At the September 1, 2022 Board of Education meeting the following motions were passed:

Policy Review – Governance Section 100

That amendments to Board Policies:

Policy 110 Strategic Planning (formerly 1-0-8 Strategic Plan)
Policy 120 Board Authority, Role and Responsibilities (formerly 1.1.4 School Board Powers and Duties)
Policy 130 Trustee Code of Ethics and Conduct (formerly 1.1.3 Trustee Code of Ethics)
Policy 140 Policy Development, Review and Revision (formerly 1-0-7 Setting policies)
Policy 150 Board Committees New Policy
Policy 151 Trustee Representation (formerly 1-0-4 Board Representation External)
Policy 180 Trustee Professional Learning (formerly 1-0-9 Trustee Travel Expenses)
Policy 190 Trustee Remuneration (formerly 1-0-1 Trustee Remuneration and Reg 1-0-1 Trustee Remuneration)

be given Second Reading; and further,

That those amended Board Policies be distributed for comments and further input, in accordance with current Policy 1-0-7, Setting Policies; and further input in accordance with current Policy 1-0-7, Setting Policies.

Current Policies – with markup to identify changes Proposed Policies [renumbered] – clean copy
Policy_110_Strategic_Planning_markup Policy_110_Strategic_Planning_clean
Policy_120_Board_Authority_Role_Responsibilities_markup Policy_120_Board_Authority_Role_Responsibilities_clean
Policy_130_Trustee_Code_of_Ethics_and_Conduct_markup Policy_130_Trustee_Code_of_Ethics_and_Conduct_clean
Policy_140_Policy_Development_Currency_markup Policy_140_Policy_Development_Currency_clean
New Policy – Proposed  Policy_150_Board Committees_NEW_proposed
Policy_151_Trustee_Representation_markup Policy_151_Trustee_Representation_clean
Policy_180_Trustee_Professional_Learning_markup Policy_180_Trustee_Professional_Learning_clean
Policy_190_Trustee_Remuneration_markup Policy_190_Trustee_Remuneration_clean


Board Policy 170 – Board Performance Review

That Board Policy No. 170 Board Performance Review be given First Reading; and further,

That Board Policy No. 170 Board Performance Review be distributed for comments and further input in accordance with current Policy 1-0-7, Setting Policies.