Board Meetings

The public is welcome to attend School District No. 22 Regular and Special Board meetings and the Board encourages community engagement and welcomes feedback.

Regular Board meetings are held at 5:30 p.m. and are normally scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month.

Check out our Meeting Schedule for regularly scheduled and special meetings.  This schedule may be subject to change so please confirm the date and time prior to arrival.


School District No.22 offers live streaming of most public Board meetings.  See the Meeting Schedule to confirm the date and time and visit the CivicWeb portal for the Live Stream Link to join the meeting.

Streaming video may carry a delay of 30 to 40 seconds from the live meeting.


Emailing information to the Board at is an effective and efficient way of providing information directly to Trustees.

Emails sent to that address will be received by each Trustee and copied to the Superintendent, Secretary-Treasurer and Executive Assistant to the Secretary-Treasurer.

Information on Board Trustees can be found here at

Requesting to Present Directly to the Board

Sometimes, a person or group wish to make a formal appearance before the Board as a delegation to address an item not otherwise on the agenda. The Board of Education of School District No. 22 welcomes and encourages presentations and delegations from students, parents, staff, partners, and others at meetings.

Because many issues can be resolved at the staff level, it is recommended that where possible, public discuss their concerns with School District staff prior to appearing before the Board.  Staff can often provide valuable background information and recommend the appropriate next steps that may eliminate the need to go before the Board or set the stage for a meaningful and constructive interaction with the Board.

If you wish to present to the Board as a delegation, please complete a Delegation Request Form and email it to Heide Roseberry, Executive Assistant to the Secretary-Treasurer,

Approval and Scheduling Process

The Board’s Secretary-Treasurer will review the delegation request form, and, in consultation with the Chair, Vice Chair and Superintendent, will determine whether to schedule the delegation in an upcoming board meeting.

If approved for inclusion, the Secretary-Treasurer or delegate will notify the delegation of the date, time and place of the Board meeting, and of any time constraints for the presentation.

Time Limits for Delegations

Each delegation will usually be limited to a maximum of ten (10) minutes, including any questions or comments from Trustees. The length of time allotted may be adjusted at the Chair’s discretion.

Presentation Materials

A projector and speakers are available for the delegation’s use during the presentation.

The Board encourages delegations to provide supporting materials for their presentation. Delegations must email any supporting materials and slide presentations to the Executive Assistant to the Secretary-Treasurer at least seven days before the date of the meeting for inclusion in the agenda package.

Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, information submitted will be considered to be public information and may be subject to full disclosure.

During the Board Meeting

Delegations typically present to the Board near the beginning of the meeting. Delegations should be aware of the following:

  • The Chair will invite delegations to the speaker’s podium to make their presentation.
  • Before making your comments, please introduce yourself. Clearly state your name and any organization you are representing.
  • Presentations or comments at the Board meeting must be directed to the Chair.
  • The Board Chair, Vice Chair and Trustees may ask questions of the delegation, as well as the Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer.
  • Comments on some issues may be restricted by legal requirements or policy.
  • If the Board chooses to take action as a result of the delegation, they will do so after due deliberation, usually at a subsequent Board Meeting.

Acceptable Behaviour

Delegations are encouraged to voice concerns but should not use any offensive language, make negative or derogatory personal references, or cross debate with other delegates, staff or trustees of the Board.

The Chair will rule on the propriety of all presentations and comments and may terminate any presentation or comment or refer it to Closed Meeting of the Board if that is deemed appropriate by the Chair.

Conduct and Remarks Out of Order

Interruptions or other interference with the orderly conduct of Board business will not be allowed. Remarks by any person addressing the Board which reflect adversely upon the racial, religious, economic, or political views of any person, or the character or motives of any person, are out of order. The Board Chair may take away a speaker’s privilege of address if, after being called to order, they persist in improper conduct or remarks. No boisterous conduct will be allowed at any time.

Confidential Matters

Requests by delegations to appear before the Board on matters which are deemed to be of a confidential nature will be considered in closed session and included in the appropriate meeting.


Following presentations, the Board may ask brief questions for clarification.  The Board will ordinarily take the presentation under advisement and will only act after due deliberation, usually at a subsequent meeting.

Need more information?

If you have any questions about the delegation process, please contact Heide Roseberry,  Executive Assistant to the Secretary-Treasurer, at 250-549-9226 or email at