Grade 7/8 Middle Years Team


Core Teachers ​Mr. Trickey- Social Studies/Math

Mr. Relke- Science/Math

Mr. Gambell- Social Studies/Math

Ms. Katy Mulholland – English

​Elective Teachers Ms. Bonnycastle – Foods/Arts

Mr. Kuhn – Woodwork

Mr. Harker – Metal Work

​ ​ ​At Charles Bloom, the grade 7/8 teachers are committed to providing an inclusive, child-centered education that allows all students to actively construct knowledge through a variety of guided hands-on activities and reflection. Every child has something special to contribute. It is our belief that in order for students to feel confident and to reach their full potential, they must be immersed in a positive, caring and accepting classroom environment. We believe that the best education is the result of teamwork between students, parents, teachers and administrators. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we believe that learning should be fun!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
~ Helen Keller