Robyn Stephenson, Manager of Transportation, is moving on.

Posted on July 12, 2021

Robyn has been with our school district for the last ten years providing leadership for our student transportation services.

She has been instrumental in implementing changes to support operational efficiencies in our transportation department to address budget challenges and to align transportation services with Board Policy and Regulations.

Robyn has worked to ensure consistency in our transportation services throughout our school district and to continually advance transportation service delivery best practices including the acquisition of electric buses.

I would like to personally thank Robyn for her dedication to our school district over the last ten years.

We wish Robyn all the best in the future as she continues to support our public education system by providing high quality and safe student transportation services.

The district is advertising for a Manager of Transportation to fill this vacancy.


Sterling Olson

Secretary Treasurer

School District No. 22 (Vernon)