Seaton Alumnus, SonReal, Visits Old Stomping Grounds

Posted on May 06, 2019

Students at WL Seaton were treated to an impromptu ‘concert’ by former Seaton student and singer/songerwriter SonReal.

Just before lunch, SonReal came on the school PA and invited the students to the commons area to hear some of the songs from his upcoming album “The Aaron LP.” Gasps and whispers were heard from many of the students, as they asked “Is this for real?”

In the commons area, students lined up for photos and hugs from SonReal, which he was happy to oblige. Former teachers also lined up for a handshake, congratulating SonReal on his success, and telling stories from when he was a student and spoke of his aspirations of becoming a musican.

As lunch came to an end, SonReal gave the students some inspiring advice:

“I never gave up, and I never give up. If you have something you want to do, and you got something inside of your mind, put your mind to it…don’t worry about it, just keep going, don’t give up on something you love.”

“You guys are cool. I’m always going to come back to Seaton. Peace and Love.”