Pink Shirt Day – February 28

Posted on February 28, 2018

Pink Shirt Day is Wednesday, February 28, a day to raise awareness to school, workplace, home and online bullying.  On this day, School District 22 encourages everyone to practice kindness and wear pink to symbolize that you will not tolerate bullying.

School District 22 recently hosted an information session on Simplifying Social Media. Social media has changed how society communicates and in today’s digital world, for some, it can be impossible to escape bullying. The speakers at last week’s session touched on cyberbullying and how it can take the shape of harassment by spreading rumours, sharing embarrassing information or photos, or even making threats. Some of these actions, as shared by Cst. Daniel Cocks, can have serious consequences.

The chosen theme for 2018’s Pink Shirt Day is “Cyberbullying,” and this year, School District 22 would like to encourage everyone to think twice before posting something negative or hurtful to social media sites and to instead, spread kindness.

We look forward to seeing all our School District 22 schools flooded in a sea of pink this coming Wednesday.