School Plan – Prochains pas

Equity and success - Chaque enfant compte et a droit au succès

Spirals of Inquiry image

Checking - Que se passe-t-il?

We continue to use evidence of learning data to determine if our actions are making a substantial difference for all of our learners. 

Scanning - On se demande ...

What is happening for our learners?

Focusing - Que savons nous?

How do we know that our students are proficient in communicating and collaborating in French?

Are there any barriers to our Indigenous learners’ success? How can we create equity for our Indigenous learners?

How can we ensure our students have a toolbox of strategies to help with their mental health and personal safety?

Developing a Hunch - Comment y arriver?

Professional learning and collaboration for staff

Common language and assessment

Reflecting on our Indigenous student success

Learning - On apprend

Teacher Learning and Collaboration

What data do we use to inform our practice?

Reading together

Taking Action - On y va!

What will we do?