Our school newsletters are on a Smore website.  The link for the current newsletter is sent out to all families through our MYED information system.

Here is a link for the September newsletter:


Here is a current update for September 7th and 8th

Bonjour fantastic Beairsto community!

There have been some changes from Interior health about safety guidelines for schools. Please read the following regarding the first 2 days

Tuesday the 7th – stays the same

Wednesday the 8th there is a change.

Teachers will email their students a welcome letter by Tuesday evening. This will let you know who your child’s teacher is for this upcoming year.
We will not be putting class lists up around the school as that could encourage too many people to bunch up closely, when we are trying to encourage people to have personal space.
We will have staff outside helping students find their spots and transition into their new classes.
We encourage students to put their backpacks in their lineups as soon as they find them, before going and playing
We do look forward to other opportunities to have parents in the school for different learning support and fun later in the year.
Parents that need to enter the building do need to follow safety protocols and go directly to the office to sign in.
We are hoping that parents will be able to quickly drop off children or park at another location and walk over to say goodbye to their children. Please continue to keep your personal space and respect the personal space of others.
If you feel your child is able to enter the schoolgrounds on their own, we are here to help them and encourage this independence.
As changes happen, we will continue to update our families as soon as we can.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.  We are looking forward to seeing our students on Tuesday! 😊